Dr. Lambros Lambrou

Can Stress Cause Migraines?

Although many people use the terms “headache” and “migraine” interchangeably, migraine is a distinctive disorder that causes a variety of symptoms. In addition to causing severe headaches, nausea, loss of vision and other symptoms, migraines also have a major impact on American workplaces. Olivia Begasse de Dhaem of Harvard Business Review reports that employees with […]
Dr. Lambros Lambrou Jan 30, 2023 . 11 min read

What if You Don’t Go to Physical Therapy After an Injury?

Physical therapy is a form of medical care that can relieve severe pain, restore physical function and improve your quality of life, all without invasive surgical procedures or habit-forming pain medications. It’s often used to help people regain function and muscle strength after strokes, car accidents and sports injuries, but physical therapy is also helpful […]
Dr. Lambros Lambrou Oct 24, 2022 . 8 min read