Interventional Pain Management & Rehab Clinic Helping Patients Live Pain-Free Lives

NorthEast Spine and Sports Medicine is a large multi-specialty medical group in New Jersey specializing in orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, pain management, sports medicine, chiropractic, physical & occupational therapy, acupuncture and massage. Our team of providers educate patients past the point of pain relief to help lessen the risk of re-injury. Our goal is to alleviate your pain and help you reclaim your life!

Integrated Care is Better Care

Each provider at NorthEast Spine and Sports Medicine will treat you with compassion & sincere focus to understand you and your healthcare needs. Our team will treat your orthopedic condition with precision, to help you live your life better.





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Comprehensive and Customized Care

While some conditions can be treated quickly with one procedure or therapy, many patients require a multi-faceted approach to help them get back on their feet. After your initial evaluation, your   provider will create a treatment plan that is tailored to your diagnosis. At Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine, we believe that educating patients on their diagnosis is the first step in your recovery journey. Our goal is to gradually increase your activity level, reduce any dependency on medications and improve the quality of your life.



State-Of-The-Art Medical Facilities in New Jersey

Northeast Spine & Sports Medicine opened its doors in 2001.  Over the last 20 years,  we have expanded and built multiple state-of-the-art facilities throughout New Jersey. Our team makes it one of their highest priorities to stay at the forefront of medical research so that they’re offering the best care possible.



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Professionally Recognized and Accredited Healthcare

Our treatment professionals have received training, accreditation, and recognition from such organizations as the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, the North American Spine Society, Top Doctor Awards, and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Why Our Patients Love Us

I tried several types of medications, which didn’t work. After treatment on the microvas, the feeling in my feet had returned to normal and I can now feel the temperature of the water on my feet when I exercise in the pool.

Pam O.

After several years of suffering with low back pain, I found the doctors of Northeast Spine and Sport. After just a few sessions I was in less pain, had more energy, and slept so much better. By the time my treatments were over I was in such a better state physically and mentally. Their staff was so very kind and generous. Thank you, thank you!

Terese L.

For 30 years I suffered with pain which I thought was normal. Thanks to the treatment I have received from the doctors [of Northeast Spine and Sport], the pain is gone. I feel great. It’s unbelievable to be pain free! Thank you doctors Franz, Avhad, Desai, and every member of the office.

Carmen M.