Erin M. Glorioso, DC

  • Chiropractor

Dr. Erin M. Glorioso is a chiropractor skilled in the diagnosis and management of those presenting with acute & chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Her objective is teaching her patients how to better manage their pain and understand the effects of pain and disability on daily living.

One specialty area Dr. Glorioso has placed focus, is the treatment and management of pregnant and postpartum patients. Moreover, she has spent postgraduate time on management of patients who suffer concussions & head trauma. She specializes in chiropractic biophysics, which is the application of mathematics and engineering to correcting abnormal spinal structures.

Dr. Glorioso began her career at Northeast Spine & Sports Medicine in 2009. In 2014, she went back to school to become a chiropractor and today you can find her happily treating patients in the Jackson office. Dr. Glorioso lives locally with her husband and 2 beautiful boys.