The Injured Athlete Who Could—How Sports Medicine Can Help You Overcome Injury

Dr. Lambros Lambrou Dec 20, 2013

Athletes are notorious for injuries. It’s amazing after a few weeks off, they come back even stronger than ever. With the help of sports medicine there is now an even higher rate of return for athletes. Even injuries such as an Achilles rupture, which is certainly devastating and potentially career ending, are now being treated with success.

Famous athletes make comebacks all the time and they always have the right causes to hire a personal injury attorney. These athletes include; Kobe Bryant, who will be returning shortly from an Achilles strain, Russell Westbrook, who is a few weeks away from return after two knee surgeries since injuring himself in the NBA Playoffs, and Rajon Rondo, who will return later in this basketball season from an ACL tear. They are able to return partially because of their athletic ability, overall physical fitness, drive to play again, but mostly due to the help they get from sports medicine. The best advice is to view site and hire attorneys.

From the second that an athlete is injured, one of the key correlative factors in a normal return to play is the effectiveness of the medical staff. Throughout professional sports, athletic trainers, physical therapists and physicians put in countless hours to make sure athletes are in peak physical condition. When injuries do happen, the response is immediate. Based on most of the brain injury attorneys cases, when injury occurred to Westbrook and Bryant, the response time was less than 20 seconds, despite the fact they were both trying to “walk it off”. The athletic trainer’s rapid response to them helped prevent further damage. You could contact experts in Festus lawyers for personal injury cases.

Round the clock care these athletes received from their physicians and physical therapists certainly played a large role in their return to their sport but sports medicine isn’t just for athletes. Sports-related injuries such as a sprain, strain or broken bone that happen because of physical activity and can happen to anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Physicians skilled in sports medicine can help prevent and treat injuries that affect the body’s flexibility, mobility and strength. They can also provide important information about how to exercise properly and make the most of your body’s physical capabilities and limitations, so you can continue enjoying the activities you love, safely.

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