Stress Fracture of the Tibia

Dr. Lambros Lambrou Dec 15, 2015

Shin pain in runners (Part III)

To continue our series on shin pain in runners, an important diagnosis is shin pain caused by a stress fracture. Clues to this condition are symptoms of sharp pain at a localized area overlying the shin bone, near the junction of the middle and distal thirds. Typically pain is constant, and worse with the foot landing on the ground.

Often times X-ray are normal appearing so tests such as MRI or bone scans may be required.

Treatment should involve rest, and may involve non-weight bearing, and use of a pneumatic brace which will compress the leg and reduce pain.

Also, if you suffer from this condition, I highly recommend you discuss with your sports medicine doctor or physical therapist your training regimen, as well as nutritional status, as these may have bearing on the root cause for the fracture.