Dr. Lambros Lambrou Jan 25, 2016

Shoulder Pain (Part I)

One common cause of pain in the shoulder region is due to improper posture. Did you know that many of us, despite regular gym exercise suffer from this easily treatable condition?

Most day’s activities such as typing, working on the computer, reading and writing require a sitting or forward position. In fact, for many Americans, we spend the majority of our day in such places as our cars and desks. Remember when mother used to say “Sit up straight!”? I believe she was right.

We have gotten so used to the abnormal posture that our muscles have adapted as well. If you notice tightness in the areas just next to your shoulders, called the trapezius muscles, you may know what I am talking about. Associated with

Associated with tightness of the trapezius is tightness of the neck muscles from the upper part of your back to the base of your neck. In some cases, these tight muscles will cause headaches.

As a general rule, most cases of shoulder/neck pain due to posture will not go away without some form of rehabilitation. I recommend a course of physical therapy and often in combination with chiropractic biophysics consultation for alignment and correction.