Our Favorite Places to Workout Outdoors in Ocean County

Dr. Lambros Lambrou Oct 20, 2013

Physical activity is important for so many reasons. Being active can increase your chances of living longer, help you feel better about yourself, help you maintain or achieve a healthy weight and can help you get better sleep at night. Ocean County is known for the Jersey Shore and has a lot of perks for its residents, including the boardwalk, ocean, bays, lagoons, shopping, festivals and so on. One thing in particular that excites us about Ocean County is all of its great places outdoors to get some exercise.  Here are a few of our favorite places.

Island Beach State Park

After taking quite a hit from Hurricane Sandy, crews have worked tirelessly to restore the gorgeous 10 mile sandy barrier island of Island Beach State Park. Island Beach State Park is known for having it all from sandy beaches to natural habitats, abundant wildlife and spectacular views of the Barnegat Lighthouse. This park is a great place to swim, surf, body board and skim board during summer months and for those brave enough to venture out in the cold. You can enjoy an over 15 miles bike ride or run along the main road that goes through the park or you can hike through one of the many trails. The Island Beach State Park Discovery Trails System provides a self-guided experience through the nine plant communities of a barrier island. Wayside exhibits located along each trail interpret the natural and cultural stories of the park. There are a total of 8 trails, each less than one mile.

Ocean County Park

This park located in Lakewood has an interesting history. Ocean County Park was once a part of John D. Rockefeller’s vacation estate. Rockefeller imported the now mature white pine, hemlock and other unique trees from all over the world. The park features tennis courts, open play fields, beach volleyball, and a driving range free of charge. During the summer months you can enjoy swimming in the park’s lake. You can exercise and spend time with your family at this quality park.

Seaside Heights Boardwalk

First Hurricane Sandy ravaged through the Jersey Shore but just as things were starting to look up, a fire broke out and destroyed dozens of businesses and a large section of the boardwalk. The Seaside boardwalk located north of Long Beach Island is over a mile long stretch of boardwalk, which is perfect for a run or walk. If you want to increase the difficulty of your workout you can try running on the beach. This increases your calories burned by 30%.

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