Dr. Dimitrios Lambrou May 04, 2016

Shoulder Pain (Part II)

Have you heard of impingement?

Think of the word, sounds like pinching, right? Imagine the arm bone doesn’t have enough room to raise, and bumps up against the front part of shoulder blade bone. If this keeps happening, it can lead to rotator cuff tears.

If there is less room between the bones, then we should cut the bone down to a smaller size, correct? No. In the case we are describing here, what is causing the decreased space is weakness of the muscles of the shoulder blade, combined with tightness of the chest muscles.  

Even fitness enthusiasts can suffer from this, if they are not careful. Have you ever noticed that although some people have very well developed chest muscles, they develop a hunched shoulder posture? This is often due to tightness and a relative imbalance of the front chest muscles.

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If you are experiencing pain reaching, raising your arm above your head, and have muscle pain, soreness of the upper back, this can be treated in the office, rather than the operating room. Formal Physical Therapy is a must for proper treatment of this painful condition. Evaluation by a sports medicine physician can establish this diagnosis.

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