Do you have buttock pain?

Dr. Lambros Lambrou Aug 26, 2015

A common frustrating condition for patients is pain in the buttock region, which has several common and some less common causes. More common causes would be pain referred from the low back called the lumbar spine. Many people believe any pain radiating to the buttock is from a herniated disc, but that is not always the case.

Another common area that refers pain to the buttock is the Sacroiliac joint. This is a joint that is located just below your belt line, but can often cause pain well below this area. Several other common causes include trigger points, hamstring tendon pain, as well as bursitis.

Some less common causes include piriformis muscle pain, stress fractures of the sacral bone, scar tissue, or compartment syndrome.

In many cases, conservative treatment with NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen), stretching, acupuncture or physical therapy can resolve symptoms.

In addition, injections with ultrasound or x-ray guidance are often useful to pinpoint the exact source of the pain generator. Thankfully, most cases of buttock pain can be solved without the need for surgery.