What is a Cold Laser Treatment?

Dr. Lambros Lambrou Sep 05, 2016

Chronic pain affects more than just your body. Dealing with constant discomfort can reduce your quality of life and impact your emotional and mental health, making it important that you take steps to get relief if your current pain management plan isn't doing enough to address your symptoms.

At Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine, we have found cold laser therapy to be beneficial for many patients, and it could be a solution for you. Read on to learn more about this innovative, non-invasive therapy.

Cold Laser Treatment Defined

Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can be used as a sole or complementary intervention for pain. The therapy involves exposing an injured or ailing part of the body to low levels of laser light. While the laser gives off no heat and causes no pain, the light is able to deeply penetrate the skin and tissue beneath to reach the affected area.

Studies have found that Cold Laser Therapy encourages cellular repair, assisting with the body's natural ability to heal itself over time. In addition, the treatments ease inflammation to provide immediate relief from pain and stiffness.

What Happens During a Treatment?

During a Cold Laser Therapy treatment, you'll lie comfortably with only the area that needs to be treated exposed. Then a handheld or arm-mounted device will be used to shine the laser light onto your body. You will not feel heat or pain during the procedure. A typical treatment takes only 5 to 20 minutes to complete, and you can return to work and normal activities after a session. You'll be awake throughout the procedure, but you're free to close your eyes and relax if you wish.

Benefits of Cold Laser Treatment

There are a number of benefits to Cold Laser Therapy for pain management, including:

- Well-Established History of Use. Cold Laser treatments have been used since 1967 for pain management, and more than 400 studies have been conducted into its benefits.

- No Known Side Effects. Clinical reviews of cold laser therapy studies have found no evidence of the procedure causing side effects. As a result, the therapy can benefit individuals who are unable to take pain medications due to side effects or addiction.

- Non-Invasive. Cold laser treatments do not involve needles and require no recovery period, making the therapy an alternative to surgery. The treatment can in some cases reduce the need for physical therapy.

- Effective for Many Types of Pain. Cold Laser Therapy has been found to be beneficial for addressing chronic pain that stems from a number of causes. It can be used as a part of a burn care treatment plan and for addressing pain associated with nerve injuries or damage, spinal injuries and sports injuries.

The best way to determine whether or not you're a good candidate for cold therapy treatment is with a professional consultation. Call any one of our five Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine New Jersey locations to schedule one today or schedule an appointment online.