Choosing PRP To Combat Achilles Tendon Pain

Dr. Lambros Lambrou Dec 05, 2016

In sports, pain is an obstacle. In competition, any additional obstacle to victory is one that gives opponents an edge.

For athletes, pain is often a part of training. When pain turns chronic, however, it’s an impediment to performance.

The Achilles tendon runs along the entirety of the calf to the middle of the foot on the back of the leg. Allowing the foot to be angled, the Achilles plays a vital role in movement. When in constant pain, even the most menial of tasks can become laborious.

Northeast Spine & Sports Medicine has numerous ways to treat pain and injury. This time, we’re taking a look at a pain management technique that is on the cutting edge of medical technology—PRP.

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma injections, is a treatment that has been used by professional athletes from Hines Ward to Tiger Woods. Using a patient’s own blood, healing plasma is separated from normal blood and reinjected to strengthen natural healing factors within the body. With injuries related to accidents the motorcycle accident attorneys usually deal with them.

Making its way from the world of professional sports medicine into generalized sports medicine, this groundbreaking treatment is seeing common use on rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, bicep tears, and a number of other athletic injuries. One can click for more info on getting legal help.

PRP, when utilized in treating Achilles tendon pain, can be immensely useful.

Achilles tendon pain often is a result of overstraining or constant injury. PRP allows the body to heal these tendon issues using its own power, but with added potency.

Even though PRP is still considered experimental, the likelihood of having an adverse effect to the treatment is exceptionally low due to using the patient’s own blood. We’re currently at the dawn of a transformative medical treatment, one sure to shape the way that athletes recover from injury and chronic pain. The ones injured by accident can get legal assistance from St Petersburg DUI lawyers that can also deal with other injuries.

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At Northeast Spine & Sports Medicine, we’re changing the way athletes recover. Our integrated approach to care that we offer at each of our five offices enables us to explore every avenue to treating an injury, so our patients can get back on their feet and back on the field, mat, or court.

To learn more about PRP for Achilles tendon pain or any of the other treatments we offer, please browse our site, or give us a call today.