A Guide to Herniated Discs

Dr. Lambros Lambrou Jul 07, 2014

Back in January we wrote a blog post about herniated discs called “Herniated Discs Explained”. We wanted to put some more information out there about herniated discs and how to live with them by putting together a guide of do’s and do not’s and some tips on how to get some relief from discomfort caused by herniated discs.

Staying active and being active is always a positive whether you are healthy or are trying to become healthier. Here are a few exercise do’s and do not’s if you have a herniated disc:


  • Do NOT use the leg press. This machine cannot only aggravate an existing herniated disc but it can cause one.
  • Do NOT use straight leg exercises. These exercises put stress on the discs and can hurt your back and neck even more.
  • Do NOT do twisting exercises.
  • Do NOT weightlift. Bending over to pick up a barbell and then jerking it into position can cause shock to your spine.
  • Do NOT run. Your discs are the shock absorbers of your back


  • Do yoga. Many yoga poses help improve posture which is key when dealing with a herniated disc.
  • Do Pilates.
  • Do moderate aerobic activities such as walking or biking.
  • Do swim. Swimming takes a lot of pressure off the joints and on the discs.

Many times it is not possible to prevent a herniated disc. However, if you have suffered from a herniated disc in the pasts, it may be possible to decrease your chances of having it happening again.

Here are a few tips to help prevent a herniated disc:

  • Avoid activities that require heavy lifting or bending repetitively
  • Practice good posture
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • See a physical therapist to specialize a program aimed at building muscle strength in your back and improving flexibility
  • Exercise

At Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine we understand what it’s like to suffer from a herniated disc. We offer various treatment options to help you live more comfortably. Treatment options include interventional pain management, sports medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic, and more. Contact us for an appointment to learn more.