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Do You Have Numbness, Tingling, or Weakness in Your Limbs?

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you may suffer from diabetic neuropathy. Symptoms may vary in severity and presentation from person to person. The most common side effects include:

Loss of Balance
  • Pain: Many individuals experience neuropathic pain in the affected areas, often described as a burning or tingling sensation. Some patients may even experience adverse reactions to a light touch.
  • Numbness: Numbness or reduced sensation is a common symptom, which can lead to difficulty detecting injuries or changes in temperature.
  • Tingling: Individuals often report a sensation of pins and needles.
  • Loss of balance: Nerve damage can affect muscle control, leading to balance issues and an increased risk of falls.
  • Weakness: Muscle weakness, particularly in the lower limbs, can make it challenging to perform daily activities.

It’s important to note that symptoms can worsen at night, causing discomfort and difficulty sleeping. The neuropathic pain and other sensations may become more noticeable when the body is at rest, disrupting sleep patterns and further impacting the overall well-being of individuals with this condition.

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves in the body due to long-term uncontrolled diabetes. High blood sugar levels can cause damage to the nerves, resulting in a variety of symptoms, such as chronic pain. The condition commonly affects the feet and legs but can also impact other areas of the body.

Why Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine?

At Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine, we’re committed to providing top-notch care for injury recovery and chronic condition management. Our experts focus on treating the underlying causes of pain, not just masking symptoms. Whether it’s a sports injury, arthritis, or diabetic neuropathy, our personalized treatment plans aim to help you return to your favorite activities, leaving our office feeling better than when you arrived.

Causes of Diabetic Neuropathy

Factors such as poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles, and prolonged high blood sugar levels are significant contributors to nerve damage in diabetic patients and the subsequent development of painful neuropathy symptoms. By embracing a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, and diligently managing blood sugar levels, individuals with diabetes can significantly reduce the likelihood of this condition and its progression. These lifestyle modifications not only help improve overall health and blood glucose levels but also play a crucial role in preserving nerve function and minimizing its impact on daily life.

Common Types of Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment

When it comes to finding an effective treatment for this type of neuropathy, there are various options available. By working closely with healthcare providers, patients can explore and discuss the most suitable approaches tailored to their specific needs. The below options are helpful in alleviating symptoms, improving nerve function, and enhancing the overall quality of life. 

  • Medications: Medications are typically prescribed to treat this condition. However, these medications can have unpleasant side effects such as water retention and hallucinations. This might not be a viable treatment option for all patients.
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulator: This innovative method involves using a device that delivers low-level electrical impulses to the affected nerves, helping to reduce pain and improve nerve function.
  • Artery Bypass Surgery: In some cases, when arterial blockages contribute to symptoms, providers may recommend artery bypass surgery to improve blood flow and alleviate symptoms.
  • Amputation: While amputation is a last resort, it may be necessary in severe cases where conservative treatments have not been successful. However, our goal is to help our patients avoid amputation whenever possible by providing advanced treatment options.

Meet Our Neuropathy Specialist, Dr. Dallas Broadway

Dr. Dallas Broadway, the founder of Broadway Vascular, is a highly experienced physician specializing in treating neuropathy. With more than a decade of expertise in minimally invasive procedures, he has helped countless patients regain their quality of life. Dr. Broadway’s commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in the field ensures that his patients receive the most effective and innovative treatments available.

Dr. Broadway’s compassionate approach and dedication to his patients have earned him a trusted reputation as an NJ neuropathy specialist. He treats patients from multiple states nationwide in addition to those in NJ. His personalized care and expertise in minimally invasive vein treatments make him the ideal choice for individuals seeking relief from symptoms caused by a variety of painful conditions. With Dr. Broadway’s guidance, you can trust that you are in the best hands and on the path to improved well-being.

Meet Our Surgeon, Dr. Wande Pratt

Dr. Wande Pratt is a fellowship-trained, board-certified Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon, who comes to Northeast Sport & Spine with experience and expertise in treating a variety of cardiovascular conditions, including peripheral arterial disease, thoracic and abdominal aneurysms, aortic dissections, cerebrovascular disease, venous disorders, and pulmonary embolism. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago, and his Medical Doctorate and a Master of Public Health from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Pratt completed a General Surgery Residency at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and a Clinical Fellowship in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

Dr. Pratt is an experienced vascular surgeon with numerous peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and national and international presentations. He has a particular interest in minimally invasive vascular interventions. “I enjoy taking care of patients with vascular disorders, establishing long-term relationships with them, and providing advanced-level care,” Dr. Pratt explains. Vascular surgery is an evolving field with significant technological advancements, giving him several options to deliver high-quality patient-centered care without making an incision or requiring an overnight hospital stay. Dr. Pratt is very excited to be joining Northeast Sport & Spine. He plays basketball and golf in his free time, but most enjoys spending time with his wife, his two young kids, and dogs, firing up the grill, and watching professional and college athletics.

Vascular Treatments Dedicated to Limb Salvage

Dr. Broadway’s expertise lies in the revascularization of the plantar artery and loop, which plays a vital role in helping patients avoid amputation. These advanced procedures focus on restoring proper blood flow to the affected areas, promoting the healing of damaged nerves, and improving overall limb function. To ensure the comfort and safety of the patient, these treatments are also performed under anesthesia. This helps minimize any potential discomfort or pain during the surgery, allowing Dr. Broadway and his team to focus on delivering precise and effective results. The use of anesthesia also contributes to a smoother surgical experience and facilitates a quicker recovery.

After the revascularization procedure, Dr. Broadway may recommend post-operative measures to support recovery. These measures aim to alleviate intense pain, minimize inflammation, and facilitate healing. By closely monitoring the patient’s progress and adjusting the medication regimen as needed, Dr. Broadway ensures optimal healing and long-term outcomes.

Vascularization of the Lateral Plantar Artery and Loop

This innovative technique focuses on restoring and improving blood flow to the affected area. By carefully revascularizing the lateral plantar artery and loop, the procedure promotes the regeneration of nerves, reduces neuropathic pain, and enhances overall muscle strength and function. Dr. Broadway’s expertise in this minimally invasive procedure has helped numerous patients avoid the devastating consequences of amputation.

During the procedure, Dr. Broadway utilizes advanced surgical techniques to ensure precision and optimal outcomes. By restoring blood flow to the affected area, the damaged nerves have an opportunity to heal and regenerate. The revascularization process improves oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues, promoting the overall health of the affected limb.

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“Dr. Broadway is the best! I sent my father to him and couldn’t be happier with my father’s health in his hands! He is extremely smart, has great bedside manner and is very professional.”

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“Dr. Broadway is a wonderful doctor. My mother was about to lose her leg due to poor circulation. I went to Dr. Broadway for a second opinion. He went above and beyond to make sure my mother didn’t lose her leg. She’s doing so much better today with her leg intact and circulation. Thank you, Dr. Broadway. I highly recommend him to anyone.”

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“Excellent reputation: very skilled and very professional. Personalized care with great attention to detail.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treatment for diabetic neuropathy?

The best treatment for diabetic neuropathy often involves a comprehensive approach tailored to the individual patient. At Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine, our team offers a range of effective options, including the specialized procedure of vascularization of the lateral plantar artery. With this procedure, Dr. Dallas Broadway focuses on improving blood flow to the affected areas, promoting nerve regeneration, and alleviating symptoms. By incorporating this advanced technique, we aim to provide patients with the best possible outcomes and enhance their quality of life.

Can you recover from diabetic neuropathy?

While complete recovery may not always be possible, it is often manageable with appropriate treatment. The primary goal of our approach is to alleviate pain, improve nerve function, and enhance the patient's quality of life. With Dr. Broadway's expertise in minimally-invasive vein treatments and limb salvage techniques, many patients experience significant improvement and regain functionality.

What triggers diabetic neuropathy?

A combination of factors, including prolonged periods of high blood sugar levels, poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and alcohol abuse can trigger this condition. It is essential to maintain optimal blood sugar control and adopt a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing or worsening this type of painful neuropathy.

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