Why Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Is Important After Orthopedic Surgery, and What You Can Expect at Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine

Dr. Dimitrios Lambrou Dec 07, 2016

If you're a competitive athlete, or someone else who made the decision to receive orthopedic surgery to alleviate pain or improve function for certain types of joint, spine, or nerve conditions, you may be wondering what comes after your surgery is complete.

Well, recovering from orthopedic surgery often requires you to take part in a post-surgical rehabilitation program that will help you to not only recover from surgery but make sure you get the most out of your orthopedic surgery, heal, and regain mobility.

At Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine, we know that many of our patients are so focused on the number of hours they will spend in the hospital, that they often forget how important it is for them to take the time to recuperate with a post-surgical rehabilitation program.

We would like to let our patients know that if they plan on having orthopedic surgery, it's important for them to make sure they take advantage of the physical therapy we may prescribe.

In fact, here are just a few of the biggest reasons you will want to take full advantage of your post-surgical rehabilitation program:

  1. You will promote healing - this is the biggest reason why we prescribe White Sands treatment. This treatment may aid in minimizing scars, and it will most certainly help you to retrain any muscles. Plus, because you are learning to improve your function and mobility, you will feel a lot better.
  1. You will recover at a faster rate - Participating in a rehabilitation program will help you to recover at a much faster rate instead of simply recovering in bed at home and relying on just your body to “do the trick.”
  1. You will regain FULL mobility - If you want to regain your FULL mobility or as much as possible, a rehabilitation program will do just that. Additionally, your therapist will help you to reach your rehabilitation goals no matter how difficult you think they are.

What You Can Expect if You Take Part in a Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Program at  Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine

If you recently received orthopedic surgery at one of our five office locations, or are looking for a practice that offers post-surgical rehabilitation programs, you will be pleased to know that we have what you need to feel and function like you did before. If you choose our post-surgical rehabilitation services, you can expect to work alongside our specialists to come up with a rehab program that works the best for you. After all, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach, as all patients are different, and may take longer than others to recover from their surgeries.

Become the athlete you were before your pain or injury with Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine!

To learn more about the post-surgical rehabilitation services we offer here at Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine, please get in touch with the office closest to you, or fill out a contact form on our site.