Physical Therapy in Barnegat, NJ

Dr. Dimitrios Lambrou Nov 20, 2014

Physical therapy is defined as the treatment of disease, injury or deformity by not using drugs or surgery but rather by physically helping a patient through massage, exercises and heat treatments. Here at Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine, our wonderful physical therapy team at our Barnegat office is ready to help you.

Our physical therapists will talk to you and develop a plan to treat you. Depending on your injuries, we can help to restore flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. We use techniques including but not limited to ultrasounds, electric and water stimulations, manual therapy and traction.

Most who come see us for physical therapy have the following ailments: back and neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and those who need help after accidents, surgery or illness. We help to get you back to your former physical self.

We also offer physical therapy services in our Point Pleasant and Jackson offices.

- Dr. Lambros R. Lambrou, DC