Knock Out Knee Pain

Dr. Dimitrios Lambrou May 12, 2014

Do you avoid going places with your family because it hurts your knee too bad to walk around? Do you feel like you cannot participate in certain activities because your pain limits you? Do you wish you could do something about it? You can.

Knee pain is a common problem with many causes from acute injuries to medical conditions. Common causes of knee pain include acute injuries such as a broken bone or torn ligament, medical conditions such as arthritis or infections, chronic overuse, osteoarthritis, patellar syndromes, tendinitis, and bursitis.  Often following the acronym RICE can help with pain and discomfort caused by those conditions:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compress
  • Elevate

You can also try taking anti-inflammatory painkillers such as Advil, Aleve, or Motrin along with stretching and strengthening exercises.

If you suffer from chronic knee pain and over the counter and at home techniques don’t seem to work for you, we offer treatment options specifically for knee pain here at Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine. Whether you are an athlete, avid runner, or just someone who is suffering from pain and discomfort, we have a treatment option for you.

To speed up the healing process to a knee with a tendon injury or osteoarthritis, Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy is a great option. You can read more about this treatment option in one of our previous blog posts “Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy—Helping You Heal”.

Another treatment option is hyaluronic acid injections. These injections naturally replenish the fluid that is found in the joint. This fluid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber in the joints and helps the joints to work properly.

Other treatment options include:

  • Musculoskeletal medicine
  • Sports medicine
  • Interventional Pain Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture

Don’t let knee pain stop you from enjoying your summer. Contact us for an appointment and let us have you back on your feet not having to worry about walking too far or too much. We can also do knee surgery and knee replacement.