Get Heart Healthy with Chiropractic

Dr. Dimitrios Lambrou Feb 03, 2014

Did you know that even if you disconnected all the nerves to your heart, it would still beat? The heart is a very interesting organ that is responsible for keeping our bodies going. Unfortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. What many people aren’t aware of is, chiropractic treatmentcan actually help prevent heart disease.

Chiropractic is usually associated with alleviating soft tissue discomfort but the reality is, it can be used for so much more, including heart health. Many studies have shown that chiropractic manipulations can help to prevent heart attacks, reduce heart rate, relieve chest pain, and lower blood pressure. Heart experts located in Salem will help you with any difficulties.

The principal function of the spine is to protect the nervous system. When the spine is misaligned due to an injury or stress, it can interfere with nervous system communication. Chiropractors adjust any misalignments to help correct the nervous system communication. Once communication is restored, optimal health is achieved.

Medical research by Bibevski and Dunlap published in the Heart Failure Reviews 2011, demonstrate that there is impaired vagal nerve control in the early stages of heart failure; there is a breakdown in nervous system communication. The evidence suggests that heart failure may be caused by the impaired nervous system control. Chiropractic research by Welch and Boone found that specific chiropractic adjustments have a significant effect on the autonomic nervous system control over blood pressure.

That’s not all; WebMD reported in March 2007 –”A special chiropractic adjustment can significantly lowerhigh blood pressure, a placebo-controlled study suggests. This adjustment has the effect of not one, but two blood pressure medications given in combination,” study leader George Bakris, MD, tells WebMD. “And it seems to be adverse-event free. We saw no side effects and no problems,” adds Bakris, director of the University of Chicagohypertensioncenter.

Regular chiropractic treatments used along with proper diet and exercise should be used to uphold heart health. Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine knows how important it is to have optimal heart health. Contact us for an appointment and learn more what we can do to keep your heart and you healthy and happy.