Find Relief from Your Facet Joint Disorder with Northeast Spine & Sports Medicine

Dr. Dimitrios Lambrou Feb 01, 2017
At Northeast Spine & Sports Medicine, we do much more than help patients in Marlboro, NJ, find migraine relief, as well as relief from arm, shoulder, or leg pain, etc. Our physicians also work to discover exactly what condition may be causing your migraines, neck, back, or leg pain, etc. One condition that we come across, and that is often the cause of disabling neck, and low back pain is facet joint syndrome. What's facet joint syndrome? Facet joints help limit excessive motion and stabilize the spine. When they’re healthy, they’re surrounded by cartilage and a lubricating capsule. Facet joint disorders typically arise because of the deterioration of a facet joint, which is often a result of the joint being stressed and damaged. Specifically, the damage or stress can cause the cartilage that covers the facet joint to gradually wear away. Because of this, the joints will become swollen and stiff, and the vertebral bones may also rub directly against each other which can then lead to the growth of burn spurs along the facet joint’s edges. The damage can be caused by everyday wear and tear, an injury to the back or neck, or the degeneration of an intervertebral disc. The pain each person experiences also varies because different areas of the spine can be affected. How can you find relief from your facet joint disorder? Finding relief from your facet joint disorder begins by discovering if you actually have one. During your appointment at one of our five offices, a physician will meet with you to discuss the type of pain you’re feeling, where it’s located, and your medical history. You will also receive a physical, and the physician may even suggest that you receive further tests to help determine if you have a facet joint disorder, or another condition. If it’s discovered that you have a facet joint disorder, your doctor may suggest that you first treat it conservatively with rest, ice, heat, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, and physical therapy. However, if you’ve already tried those things and have seen little to no results, we can schedule you to receive a facet joint injection which may offer you pain relief for up to a year. As you can see, we do much more than help our patients in Lakewood, NJ, and other areas find relief from migraines. We offer efficient and innovative procedures and treatment options that can help you find relief from pain that’s caused by all types of spine and joint conditions and disorders. To learn more about how we can help with facet joint disorders, or what facet joint injections are, please browse our site, or give the office closest to you a call.