Fascinating Facts About the Human Body

Dr. Dimitrios Lambrou Aug 15, 2014

The human body is quite fascinating but I’m sure you don’t time out of your busy day to really think about how amazing it really is. Here are some mind-blowing facts about the human body.

For every one pound of fat gained, you add seven miles of new blood vessels.

New tissue needs new blood supply so your vascular system needs to expand to accommodate it. This also means your heart needs to work harder to pump blood through the new network. If you lose a pound, the body will break down and reabsorb the unneeded blood vessels from the previous tissue.

You are taller in the morning than in the evening.

When you wake up in the morning, you are at your tallest, approximately ½ in taller thanks to excess fluid within your spinal discs. When you are sleeping, these fluids replenish. During the day, your body deals with the stresses of standing and walking around, so the discs become compressed and the fluid seeps out resulting in you losing some height.

A human baby has over 60 more bones than an adult.

Your body has enough iron in it to make a metal nail 3 inches long.

Over the course of your lifetime, you will shed about 40 pounds of skin. That is repulsive to think about!

An average man has enough skin on his body to cover approximately twenty square feet. For an average woman it is approximately seventeen square feet. Approximately 12% of your weight is from your skin. And, your skin replaces 45,000+ cells in only a few seconds. It’s constantly growing new skin and shedding old skin.

Your brain uses about 20% of your oxygen and caloric intake.

Your bones, pound for pound, are 4 times stronger than concrete.

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