Adolescent Back Pain

Dr. Dimitrios Lambrou Feb 04, 2016

While low back pain in adolescents is less common than in the elderly, there are some instances in which a young person should seek medical advice. One such condition is pars fracture

This cause of low back pain can be seen in young athletes in sports as cheerleading, soccer, football, wrestling, weight lifting, volleyball, rowing, dancing and gymnastics. 

The main cause is a fatigue or stress reaction to the bones in the lower back, due to repetitive bending backwards and forwards. This can eventually lead to a fracture of this weakened area of stressed bone. The results are gradual pain typically along the belt line. 

At Northeast Spine & Sports Medicine, a multidisciplinary practice, our aim is to help ways to reduce pain, prevent worsening of the condition, and aid in a gradual return to sports activities.